We speak Chinese!

Recently, there has been a flurry of posts with the photo captioned: “This is not London, this is not Singapore. This is our Gujarat.”  The posts claims the photo is of the bus system in Ahmedabad.

The facebook photo

I don’t know why the people posting this photos are not posting the complete caption.  The caption should read: “This is not London, this is not Singapore. This is our Gujarat, where we speak Chinese!.”  😀

Hoax Busting:

A simple image search on google brings me this image:

Guangzhou BRT

which clearly shows that this place is somewhere in China (see the green signs on the right-top, the bus-stop signs towards the left and right edges). Turns out, this is photo of the BRT (bus rapid transport) in Guangzhou, China. Check out  this article: http://thecityfix.com/blog/guangzhous-brt-revolutionizing-perceptions-of-bus-travel-in-china/.

Prize winning BRT in Ahmedabad

The same website has also covered the Ahmedabad BRT called Janmarg calling it ground breakinghttp://thecityfix.com/blog/a-photographic-tour-of-ahmedabads-janmarg-brt-system/. In fact, Janmarg won the 2010 Sustainable Transport Award: http://www.embarq.org/en/news/10/01/13/wri%E2%80%99s-embarq-helps-select-ahmedabad-india-winner-2010-sustainable-transport-award.

Good work indeed, which deserves credit and publicity. But not by claiming others’ work as our own. Let the hoax die, please!


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